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24/7 Currency Exchange & Telegraphic Transfer

Bring the world closer with real-time FX rates

HSBC In-house and Worldwide Transfer

Access competitive global exchange rates and make foreign currency conversions and transfers instantly wherever you are, whenever you need to with HSBC.


  • Enjoy potentially better rates with real-time exchange rates*
  • Transact at your convenience via online & mobile banking
  • Access to currency conversion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*
  • Choose from more currencies
  • Use with ease
  • Get instant confirmation on the exchange rate and the actual amount transferred in foreign currency*
  • Locate beneficiary bank identifier code easily with global bank search tool

Issued by HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad (Company No. 127776-V).

*Applies to Foreign Currency to Foreign Currency transactions only. Exchange rates for Foreign Currency conversion involving Malaysian Ringgit is from 9am to 12am on business days. If you perform any transfer outside those hours, the actual amount to be debited will be based on the next business day’s exchange rate. Enclosed is the FAQ.


HSBC's real-time FX rates gives you the convenience and flexibility to:

  • Experience foreign currency transfers anytime, anywhere at competitive real-time FX rates
  • Seize forex opportunities anytime, anywhere with real-time FX rates
  • Take care of your loved ones no matter where you are in the world with real-time FX rates

Get started with In-house and Worldwide Transfer

Log in to online banking to get started with In-house and Worldwide Transfer. If you're not a user of online banking, you can register below.

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