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HSBC Foreign Exchange Solutions: Connecting you to opportunities around the world.


We invest globally

Buy property overseas

Send your children to study abroad

Retire in your favorite country abroad

At HSBC Bank, we have the Foreign Exchange (FX) solutions to fulfil your needs

Access real-time FX rates and transfer money instantly across the globe

Real-time FX rates

We understand the importance of having up-to-date FX conversion rates when transferring foreign currencies. Get real time quotes whenever you exchange foreign currency using HSBC Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

Global View and Global Transfers*

It takes just 6 seconds for your money to move between your local and overseas HSBC account. Whether you need to sort out your overseas mortgage or transfer money abroad for your children, Global View Global Transfers make viewing, managing and transferring your funds between all your HSBC accounts worldwide incredibly simple.

Make a transfer

Move money between local and overseas HSBC accounts by logging into online banking. Not a user of online banking? Register below.

*For HSBC Premier or Advance customers only. Subject to local regulatory and HSBC internal policy requirements.

Keep foreign currency for future use and hedge against fluctuation

Foreign currency savings and time deposit accounts

Hold accounts in up to 12 foreign currencies, including Renminbi (RMB).

Save in a foreign currency for your investment abroad, child’s future education or retirement overseas. Designed to support your international lifestyle, with easy access to your account via Online Banking and Mobile Banking, you can manage your finances wherever you are in the world.

Expand your wealth by investing in foreign investments

Dual Currency Investment

Take advantage of the exchange rate to gain potentially higher returns compared to ordinary fixed deposits.

Foreign Currency Bonds

Enjoy a regular stream of interest income with bonds and enhance your investment to reap potential long term capital gain.

Foreign Currency Unit Trusts

Explore a diverse range of unit trusts to suit your investment needs.

Foreign Currency Structured Investment

Access different markets and achieve potentially above market returns in low interest rate environments via our foreign currency structured products.

Get started with foreign exchange

Stay informed with the latest wealth insights


Access regular FX Insights and stay informed with the latest FX and market trends.


Need a fresh perspective? Get the latest insights into Asset Class Views, FX Insights, ESG Insights, Market Outlook and Wealth Needs anytime, anywhere.

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