Know more about your credit card rate, fees and charges

This section contains details of all interest calculation methods and specific charges. It will help you better understand credit card products and services.

Notice on paying only minimum monthly repayment (not applicable for Amanah cards)

The amount of interest you have to pay and the time it takes to repay your balance in full will increase if only the minimum monthly payment is made. The following table illustrates the amount of interest incurred and the repayment period, under different outstanding amount scenarios if you continue to pay only the minimum amount. The computations are based on 5% minimum payment or RM50, whichever is higher, at a finance charge under different tiered interest rates. You may pay more if you wish (any amount above your minimum payment requirement) as long as payment is made within the specified payment due date.

Interest calculation table

The minimum payment is 5% of the outstanding balance or RM50, whichever is higher. The table below shows how long it would take to pay off an outstanding balance. The assumptions are based on: (1) interest rate of 18% p.a. for the entire repayment period; (2) there are no new retail transactions after the 1st month; (3) 30 days per month; and (4) payments are received on or before due date.

Example of outstanding balance
Outstanding balance (RM) 3,000 3,000 5,000 5,000 10,000 10,000
Monthly repayment Pay minimum amount (RM150) Pay RM250 Pay minimum amount (RM250)
Pay RM350 Pay minimum amount (RM500)
Pay RM600
Repayment periods (months) 55 14 70 17 88 20
Total interest incurred (RM) 1,055 333 1,912 670 4,055 1,594
Annual fee
Card Type Visa Primary (RM) Visa Supplementary (RM) MasterCard Primary (RM)
MasterCard Supplementary (RM)
240 120 - -
Premier - - Waived Waived
Premier Travel - - 600 (waived for the 1st year) Waived
Advance Waived Waived - -
Signature 600 300 - -

The following annual fees are applicable to cardholders who were upgraded by the Bank under the Credit Card's Upgrade Initiative on 1st January 2016.

Annual fee (upgrades)
Card Type Visa Primary (RM) Visa Supplementary (RM) MasterCard Primary (RM)


Supplementary (RM)

Platinum (upgraded from Gold)
160 80 - -
Platinum (upgraded from Gold; originally Classic)
80 40 - -
Platinum (upgraded from Gold)
- - 160 80
Platinum (upgraded from Gold; originally Classic)
- - 80 40

Finance charges

"Finance Charge" means the finance charge imposed by the Bank, where the Current Balance for the preceding month's Card Statement is not settled in full:


In respect of Retail Transactions, the Finance Charge is calculated on a daily rest basis on the outstanding Retail Transactions that remain unpaid after the Due Date calculated from the Posting Date until payments are credited to the Card Account and thereafter on the reduced balance and at the following applicable credit card rate:

  • Tier-I: 15% per annum for Cardholders who promptly settle the Minimum Payment Due as specified in the Card Statement for 12 consecutive months;
  • Tier-II: 17% per annum for Cardholders who promptly settle the Minimum Payment Due as specified in the Card Statement for 10 months or more in a 12-month cycle; and
  • Tier-III: 18% per annum for Cardholders who do not fall within Tier-I and Tier-II;

Cash Advance

18% p.a. of the cash advance amount calculated on a daily basis.

Balance Transfer

Up to 18% p.a. of the amount transferred, calculated on a daily basis for a fixed duration.


  • Cash Advance: The Cash Advance fee is 5% of the amount advanced or a minimum of RM15, whichever is higher. This is incurred for each cash advance transaction.
  • Replacement card: RM50 per card
  • Late payment: minimum of RM10 or 1% of the outstanding balance, whichever is higher, capped to a maximum of RM100
  • Overlimit: not applicable
  • Sales draft retrieval request: RM20 per card

Minimum monthly repayment

5% of the outstanding balance or a minimum of RM50, whichever is higher.

Interest free period

20-day interest-free period is only enjoyed on all retail transactions, provided all outstanding balances as per the monthly statement of the previous month are fully settled.

Conversion for overseas transactions

If the Cardholder uses the Credit Card for transactions in a currency other than Ringgit Malaysia, such amount shall be converted at the exchange rate as determined by Visa International or MasterCard International, as the case may be, on the date of conversion in addition to a foreign currency conversion cost of 1.25% as well as any transaction fee charged by Visa International or MasterCard International.

Refund of credit card excess balance via:

  • MEPS Interbank GIRO: RM2 per transaction
  • Cashiers order: RM2 per transaction

Credit card statement retrieval

  • If statement is 12 months old or less: RM2 per page
  • If statement is more than 12 months old: RM20 per request + RM2 per page

All fees and charges shall be subject to applicable tax, if any.